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Selfies (n). : pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arms length. [via Urban Dictionary]

The next time you want to post a selfie, please consider these things:

1.  Is someone else in your picture with you?  No?

…..Then don’t do it.

2.  Are you standing in front of a mirror and about to snap  a shot of your reflection?

…..Drop the camera.

3.  Are you puckering your lips at the camera?

…..Stop. it. now.

4.  Are you looking slightly away from the camera as you take your own picture to try and make it look like it’s not a selfie? [gee, you fooled me]

…..Bad idea.

We’ve all been guilty of some of these before, but every time you’re tempted to pick up your camera and take a picture by yourself and OF yourself I’d like to ask you to stop, drop, and roll.  Wait.  That’s in the case that you’re on fire.  Not a bad idea here too, though..

Just don’t do it.

And here’s how I feel about selfies:

And yes, that stamp choice was 100% on purpose.


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